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Sound Wave

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Well-being means harmony of sound and body

The healing power of sound and the harmonic oscillation of music are two very fundamental elements. They constitute the most effective non-chemical remedy. Knowledge of the broad healing power of sound is applied by many tribes and has been receiving increasing attention in Western cultural circles, particularly in the area of alternative medicine.

As we all know, the instruments in an orchestra are all tuned to a particular common tone in order to achieve a harmonic ensemble. If just one of the instruments is out of tune the whole orchestra sounds discordant or even disturbing. 
You are also the conductor of an orchestra. Your organs and cells are the instruments in your ensemble. If our organs and cells are oscillating harmonically we feel consentaneous. If they are not we feel discordant and eventually become ill.


All instruments in an orchestra must be tuned to the same frequency. The harmonic interplay of various instruments at this concerted oscillation is perceived by us as enjoyably melodious music. If one of the instruments is out of tune, we perceive the disharmony as a disturbing impairment of the whole sound. The ensemble is disturbed. The consequences are very similar when our very own “ensemble” is out of tune.

As soon as the cells in our body are “tuned correctly” we feel well again. In this state we draw vitality and lust for life.

We assume that the cells in our body form a network and thus communicate with each other. It follows that it is important to tune ourselves positively so that our body can reach a state of harmonic balance.

Scientific research suggests that every living cell – be it vegetable, animal or human – has its own specific frequency.

Several years ago NASA’s nuclear physicists managed, for the very first time, to record and publish the tone of planet earth. The frequencies of the earth’s vibrations were measured using ultrasonic sensors and the results were compared with the oscillatory characteristics of living cells. The results reveal that ill cells do not oscillate in harmony.

The Salima Sound wave – Principle and Effect

The Salima sound wave was developed in order to harmonise the body’s oscillation, remove congestions and to allow energy to flow freely. In theory, this approach uses sonic energy to relay information through intracellular fluids and connective tissue.

A specialised computer emits and controls the body’s own seven tones. Modern sonic technology, particularly bodily sound generators that are placed below the patient’s cot, allows the patient to feel the generated vibration frequency. The tones and oscillations can be adjusted in various ways. They are directly perceptible through the musculature and stream harmoniously into the energy tracks. The information relayed through the sound waves allows cells to rediscover their natural frequency. The correct oscillation of all cells results in harmony between body and soul.

The resulting wellness leads to a new kind of deep relaxation and revitalisation. The body and mind open up to harmonic influences. Energy now flows more freely and more strongly through the person and his/her life.

Dr. Katharina Rubi-Klein, MD

General and complementary practitioner, Diploma for acupuncture and nutrition:

rubi klein

“I have been engaged in practicing various sound and frequency therapies for several years. The treatment methods that I encountered were often very elaborate. In my experience the Salima sound wave is effective in making the body’s own frequencies perceptible to patients. The instrument employs a variety of vibrations, both through vibrating and pulsating waves, which lead to a deep sense of relaxation. Healing would be impossible without relaxation.

The pulsating power of the waves has a positive effect on the patient’s psyche. Many stress-related illnesses such as depression, digestive, gynaecological or locomotoric problems can be treated effectively using these methods.

Harmonisation and activation of the Chakras (centres of energy) is a substantive component of sound wave therapy and can be easily integrated into the various therapy programmes. Personally, I found the combination of sound wave therapy with acupuncture very interesting. Based on the accounts of my patients it was conclusive that the specific vibration frequencies of sound wave therapy follow the same paths as the Meridians (energy tracks).

Acupuncture points are the points with the highest density of receptors (pressure, temperature, pain) in the surrounding skin area. The art of acupuncture lies in selecting the appropriate combination of points and stimulating them in a specific order to evoke the desired reaction from the patient’s body. The Salima wave supports this approach outstandingly.”


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